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And We Came by Sea and Owned Them

And we came by sea and owned them Black fields, endless thunder pealing marks the pestilence Ferocity unwavering as we storm your land The women, the children, shrieks of attrition cleanse our sins in your blood Dead forests speak no names the sun is b...

The Rotting Edge

Sleepless grey found in this hole finally fallen through into remembrance Reality shakes Pangs strike across the surface of (once) still, dead waters the colours of decay luring life inwardly drowning Turning faces glare and cringe alternatively dow...

The Swarm

Scavengers peeling, collecting the wretched edge watch the decay and the decline Black fields endless I stand within the swarm They are not a sign of our doom to come, they are our demise Cacophonous becoming our seals of understanding shattered Cru...

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