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31 Knots

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Chain Reaction

He was text and traffic Aiding abetting the bouts I'd turned into doubts I could've taken him out or waited it out It's all the same to me I could've called his bluff or fucked him up It's all the same to me But strange are the days of our twisted fate...

Compass Commands

In-invincible, kill, kill, kill them all Re-reciprocal, reverse the roles See, see they do the same At least there's no one left to blame So let's move on "Better you than me", said the apple to the tree I've done all the damage I can do But you...


These are the days of immortal horizons Building a home in a place soon to be your fate. So dapper and daft, what a passionate madhouse. But did you take note how there's not even one empty? So curiously to me. No one ever speaks. And birds of a feathe...

Welcome to Stop

We're a close parlay To the quotient of the day. Yeah it's all destroyed it won't even matter. They say: "though we'll go, we have no home", Except the one that makes us stop and say This is where the weathered wear there arms like armor And where the cl...

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