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And If

[Verse One] [MURS] Now why you gotta give me attitude for young lady? Them lips and them curves will drive a grown man crazy Wasn't trying to be rude I was just thinking maybe We'd talk a little bit And later on make some babies [Eligh] Then she stepped in m...

Beautiful Mind

Verse One] [Scarub] Single male seeking female with a beautiful mind And a physic that me peeping like, "Damn she's fine." Let's take a date with destiny Shoot across the galaxy, Just me and she She and I acting out fantasies Hobbies me? Swimming in the Milk...

The Plannit

The planet I handle it Infinitive Climate Inventive [Chorus] [x2] Rest my legs off (the planet) Worlds my easel (I handle it) Gods my mind state (Infinitive) Arts my climate (Inventive) [x2] Left, right Stay on track Push on, forward march Don't fall back K...

Young Man

[Chorus] When I was a young man growing up I could see I would be the one One of many headed towards the sun Cause the suns burning in our heart [Verse One] [Eligh] At one time Color inside the lines were all the rules I had to take Sitting Indian style, colo...

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