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100 Knives Inside

Utwory wykonawcy:

Public Demand Society

Independence can be weakened by our position Expect nothing but the conform intuition So easy to lose autonomy, oligarchy The window of disillusion rolled down The suburbian wasteland Echoas a sound Roles assigned to submit A spiritual crime we commit...

Senseless Generation

I hear this generation Shattered apart Moral decay reigns by the vile They drain their blood for fortune I see this generation Another lost identity Struggling to breath Blindfolded by illusions I feel this generation Enchanted by dismay Too much s...

Struggled Path

Stand on the rock that you have chosen Follow, till the end Carry it out in life Even when hope is faded For our paths shall see brighter days Giving up is always easy Evil eyes, will never see you succeed Never to care less You will harvest your pri...

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