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10 Code

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New Scar

I never knew patience no use if I tried i've wondered through reason too much to get by there's something I'm missing there's more left to see there is no solution no right place to be CHORUS is this what you wanted? you like what you get? when...

On My Way

don't have a plan no directions and nothing wise left to say out of luck and expectations changing colours for protection all the world in your hands would you dare? screaming like you mean it no one cares need a brand new skin to fit my rage...

Superman's Code

And I feel I'm away goin' down through the ocean of my endless decay and I feel I'm away should I try to escape? say the words that I keep inside and try to reshape wear my superman cape for the rest left to come try to fit my intentions with what...

The Connection

All this talk of suspicion got my head in a trance measuring my condition do I still have a chance to be part of the mission of the ones who deny all this sacred submission to the lost and the blind CHORUS Hope the love I feel is enough to spread...

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